I help individuals gain clarity on Purpose, live an Authentic life & Achieve their Goals.


Founder & Managing Director of Blue Diamond Communications.


Doric is an Enlightenment-Empowerment-Transformational coach also known as the GRIT Boss Lady. Doric is a Greek name which means pillar/column which is a symbol of support and strength; two attributes that have proven to be part of her purpose as a coach. She draws her energy from her own experiences of endurance (personal and workplace related) and she shares that knowledge in her Signature Talks as a Speaker.

“I believe that the first step one needs to take in life is to discover who they are and thereafter move on to align their core strengths and gifts so they can achieve their goals. I inspire individuals to seek clarity on Purpose, embrace their true self and activate the raw endurance that will help them achieve their goals and succeed in life. That for me is where our True Power lies in Purpose, Authenticity & in our GRIT.”

“Be Fearless in the pursuit of the things that set your soul on fire” - Jennifer Lee


Executive coaching for leaders & future leaders

Emotional Intelligence

Navigate the social complexities of the workplace, lead by example & motivate your team

Purpose-Driven Leadership

Learn the skills and techniques to bring out the best version of yourself & lead others with passion.

The X-Factor

Activate the High Performance Guru in you and influence those around you with your new and improved communication.


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Virtual & Face-to-Face Training

  • Self-Discovery & Authenticity: Knowing who you are and Embracing it.
  • Emotional Intelligence: Developing the ability to understand your emotions and the emotions of your colleagues so you can communicate effectively, adapt to any environment and influence those around you.
  • Purpose-Passion-Power: Understanding your ‘Why’ statement and using that as fuel to catapult you to your place of Power in your career & business.
  • Goal Setting: Transitioning from being a Goal-Getter to High Performance Goal Achiever.
  • Relationship Management in the workplace.
  • GRIT- Activating the Resilience & Passion to pursue your dreams (Stress Management & Balance).
  • Leadership Development: Nurturing the Mindful, Assertive Confident leader in ‘You’.
  • Courses can be held Virtually or via Onsite Training


Virtual & Face-to-Face Training

  • Communicate Like A Boss: INSIDE-OUT Sessions for Corporates & Individuals
  • Series 1: Communicating with Self (addressing limiting beliefs & self-sabotaging statements).
  • Series 2: Communicating with Others/Employees (written, verbal, presentation, public speaking & media training).
  • Series 3: Look the Part: Image consulting for the Boss Lady.
  • Crisis Management-Communication 101
  • Series 1: How to communicate effectively in the midst of a crisis ‘Leave no stone unturned’ e.g. structural changes in the company such as retrenchments.
  • Series 2: 360 degree feedback on assessing the emotional state of your employee and maintaining a High Performance TEAM in the midst of the chaos.
  • Employee Engagement Strategy Development & Assessment.

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